Must i have with me some documents when i will travel?
It is necessary to present your identity or other official evidence (eg. passport) along with your ticket as this information will be confirmed during the process of boarding (check in).
  • New type identity if you travel to EU countries or passport for the other
Should I type the correct name on the ticket?
According to the directives 98/41 of the European Union, the shipping company has the obligation to keep a list of passengers in each trip for safety reasons. For these reasons the tickets should especially include:
How can I be sure for the success of my purchase?
You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation code of your purchase.
How can I receive my tickets?
Depending on the remaining time until the departure of your route. The system will automatically recommend some of the following available options:
  • Courier DHL, 30€ for Europe.
  • From the departure port
  • From our office
Can I receive my tickets from the departure port and where?
During the process of the reservation, you will be asked to choose how you prefer to collect your tickets. If you prefer to collect your tickets at the port you have to select "From the port."
Also it will contain all the necessary information of the port agent.
Do the companies provide reduction for infants and babies?
The companies provide half price for children and free boarding for infants.
Please register properly at the point of the passenger type.
The system will automatically display the reduction.
The age categories are as follows:
  •  Infants are considered passengers younger than 5 years old.
  •  Children are all passengers from 5-10 years old.
  •  Youth are all passengers from 10 – 26 years old.
  •  Adults are considered all passengers over 26 years old.
How long before the departure must I be at the departure port?
You are obliged to be at the port at least 1 hour before the departure.
Can I have my pet with me on board?
According to the Greek law, the ships under Greek flag over 25 meters, is necessary to have specially designed areas for pets traveling with their owners. 
Beyond the law, each shipping company follows its own policy regarding pets on board.
Do I have to confirm the departure time?
Usually is not necessary, however you can confirm the departure time by calling the Port Authority of the departure port.
From our side we will make every effort to inform you.
What can I do if I lose my ticket?
Before you travel you must issue new tickets.
In case of loss, a ticket is not replaced and its fare is not refunded.
The ticket is not replaced by the reservation or the ticket number.
Please contact us by e-mail to inform you about the procedure.
How can I cancel or change my tickets? Which is the cost?
The cancellation or the change depends on the policy of the shipping company. You should also send back to our office the printed tickets at your expense within the allowed time is settled by the shipping company. Your charge for the actions that will need to be done by the greektrip.gr is 3 € per issued ticket. The same policy concerns the change or cancellation of a reservation code. Mail us to inform you about the refund and cancellation according to the cancellation policy of the shipping company.