Transaction-Privacy Security.

For protecting your privacy is very important. We receive and store only the information that is necessary to complete your booking or to contact you. Such information can be your name, your e-mail address, your home address, telephone number and fax as well as the number of your credit card (if necessary for the completion of the reservation).

Additional information such as travel preferences, the frequency of your travel, may be required only for statistical purposes and improvement of our services. You always have the choice not to provide us with additional information if you do not want.

Your data are recorded and stored automatically when you make a reservation or purchase through our website or e-mail or by telephone. This information is used solely to facilitate the booking process for management purposes and for analysis within the company. In no case your data is transferred to third party other than the cooperating companies which you have chosen to hold your bookings and perform other orders.

We also use your details in order to adjust our offers and services to your personal interests and to notify you about information and offers that may interest you.

You can tell us at any time if you no longer wish to receive such offers and services. If the user wishes, will inform him directly, without any charge, for his personal data held by our company.

Through use of VeriSign, the special SSL program (Secure Socket Layer), which is one of the most advanced on the market with regard to security issues. In case of payment by credit card, the details of your card are in encrypted form. This provides greater security than using your phone for data transmission.

We note, however, that according to current technical means can not be a guarantee of absolute security in transmission of data over the internet and the user is solely responsible.

To improve the use of the website use cookies, as most companies providing services online. Cookies are part of the browser program and store your data on the use of the site to your hard disc. This allows us you identify your computer the next time you use the website of You are always able to use our website without cookies, but is easier with them. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can certainly remove at any time the cookies from your hard disc. Also you can modify your browser settings to decline cookies, without your consent. The use of cookies is not linked in any way with your personal information.

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