Aegina is one of the most popular islands near Athens and also the second largest of the Argosaronic Gulf Islands. The island gets very busy during the weekend as it is a weekend escape near Athens. Aegina island attractions include its beautiful natural scenery along with archeological sightseeing and, of course, beautiful beaches and villages. Holidays in Aegina can be combined with a day trip or short vacations to the neighbor island of Agistri, a lovely place for total relaxation.

The island offers a large variety of nightlife experiences which will definitely make your stay really pleasant. Short distances will delight you as you go from the beach to your room and, then, shortly you can visit a fish tavern with excellent seafood and eventually close your day in one of the beach bars of the island. Aegina town is the place where some of the most popular bars and clubs are gathered.


By ferry: Aegina is accessible only by ferry from the port of Piraeus. You can either choose to travel with the conventional ferry that takes about 1.5hr or with a highspeed flying dolphin that takes 40minutes to reach the port of Aegina. The itineraries are regular and there is a boat almost every hour. Aegina is also connected to the rest islands of the Argosaronic Gulf (Hydra, Poros and Spetses).

Tips: Do not forget to buy the authentic pistachio nuts produced on the island!


    1. Temple of Aphea:Built around 420 B.C. It is situated on top of a rock and it was dedicated to goddess Athena. The amazing thing is that the temple of Aegina, the temple of Poseidon in Sounion and the Acropolis of Athens geographically form an isosceles triangle.
    2. Temple of Apollo:This ancient temple was dedicated to god Apollo. It is also known as Kolona, because a single column stands there today. This temple is situated in a walking distance from the port of Aegina Town.
    3. Monastery of St. Nektarios:The monastery was established by the Saint himself, who was an Orthodox bishop, in 1904. St. Nektarios lived in this monastery from 1908 to 1920. Today, this monastery is considered an important religious centre in Greece.
    4. Paleochora:This used to be the old capital of the island. Located on a high stony hill which offered natural protection from the pirate raids. On this region, 38 churches are preserved today as well as a very small part of the Venetian castle built there.
    5. Moni islet:Just 10 minutes by boat from Perdika there is this little piece of heaven full of pine trees, friendly deers, goats and peacocks. The waters are ideal for snorkeling and there is also an organized cantina that offers lunch and reftreshments. Highly recommended to spend a day on the beach.


Attend the Fystiki Fest, the island’s biggest cultural event of the year organized every September. The main idea is to promote and support the cultivation of the unique pistachio known internationally as the “Aegina Pistachio”. The Aegina Fistiki Fest is the largest commercial and economic event in the region. More than 20,000 visitors browse and buy from the many booths featuring pistachio cultivation, and sweet-making along with many other artists and craftsmen who, with their unique techniques and talents, present their imaginative creations. The Aegina pistachio nut freely lends its unique taste and texture to many sweet and savoury gastronomic creations, as well as inspiring the makers of jewellery, pottery and arts and crafts.