Book your ferry tickets online at www.greektrip.gr or via telephone at Sporades Shipping. Kos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. It is located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, it is the third biggest island of the Dodecanese complex and the second most popular destination after Rhodes.

This is a place with tourist and secluded spots, crystal clear waters, interesting sightseeing, intense nightlife, traditional villages and delicious food. As Kos receives many charter flights from abroad, many places around the island are getting really busy in high season. However, there are also places staying away from crowds and keeping their relaxing atmosphere. Beaches in Kos vary from organized coasts with luxurious hotels and water sportcenters to secluded beaches.

Tip: Holidays in Kos can be combined with other islands of the Dodecanese such as Rhodes, Nisyros and Leros.


By airplane: Throughout the year, and especially during the summer months, there are numerous commercial and charter flights that connect Kos to Athens, Thessaloniki and many European capitals. The flight from Athens takes 1hr.

By ferry: There are daily itineraries between Kos and the Port of Piraeus as well as between Kos and the rest of the Dodecanese islands. The trip with a conventional boat can last up to 13hrs depending on the layovers. The trip with a highspeed boat lasts from 5 to 8hrs. Book your ferry tickets online at www.greektrip.gr or via telephone at Sporades Shipping.


  1. Asklepeo: One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and of course the most significant site of the Island. In antiquity, it worked as a healing centre and it got its name from Asklepeos, sun of Apollo and protector of health and medicine.
  2. Roman Odeon: The Roman Odeon was constructed in the 2nd Century BC and it has been very well preserved. It hosted crowds of people that gathered to watch fights between prisoners, like it happened in the Colosseum in Ancient Rome.
  3. Hippocrates’ plane tree: The myth says that under this plane tree in Kos Town, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, would teach his students the secrets of healing. Of course, this is a descendant of the original tree.
  4. Castle of the Knights: Nerantzia Castle, or else the Castle of the Knights, is located at the entrance of the port, Kos Town. It was built in the 14th Century by the Knights of Saint John, on the site of a former Byzantine fortress.
  5. Mastichari Beach: Mastihari is an exotic beach with soft, white sand and emerald water. Many windsurfing centres are located along this beach. Located 27km southwest of Kos town.
  6. Thermes Beach: One of the most idyllic places to visit in Kos. It is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by steep cliff and dark clean waters, known for its hot springs. It is located 12 km  from Kos town. In front of the beach lies the famous seapool with the hot springs, a rounded lake sheltered by rocks. In this pool, hot water mixes with the water coming from the sea, offering a natural warm bath.