Tickets from Rafina to Andros


Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades and the second largest after Naxos. The capital of the island is Andros ( or Chora as it called), while its port is Gavrio. The island connects with mainland Greece by boat via Rafina, 36 nautical miles from the port. Due to its short distance from Attica it is ideal for short vacations.

The history of Andros is connected with that of the rest of the Aegean islands. The name of the island goes back to mythology. The prevailing version says that the first inhabitant of the island was the goddess Andros.

Andros has unique architecture, rich nature. You will admire Venetian castles, old monasteries and watermills. You will enjoy lush landscapes and waterfalls. You will swim in golden beaches , other fully organized and other isolated. It is the island of shipowners and captains with countless treasures. Palaeopolis, the ancient capital, was built into a steep hillside, and the breakwater of its harbor can still be seen underwater. At the village of Apoikia, there is the notable spring of Sariza, where the water flows from a sculpted stone lion’s head. Andros also offers great hiking options with many new paths being added each year. The island’s modern cultural tradition is also rich, as the visitor has the opportunity to visit several museums and institutions, and every summer a host of events attract thousands of visitors.