Tickets from Piraeus to Paros


Paros is the fourth largest island of the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos, from which it is separated by a narrow channel about 3 miles wide. The key geographical location of Paros in the central Aegean, the crossroads of the sea routes connecting mainland Greece with the archipelagos islands, the Asia Minor coast and the Mediterranean in general, have been the timeless basis for the development of the island.

Historically, Paros was known for its fine white marble, which gave rise to the term “Parian” to describe marble or china of similar qualities. Today, abandoned marble quarries and mines can be found on the island, but Paros is primarily known as a popular tourist spot.

Paros is one of the fertile islands of the Cyclades. It produces wine, known since antiquity, oil, cereals and fruits. In particular, viticulture has been booming in recent years and branded Parisian wines bottled at the island’s modern wineries are renowned all over the world.

It is a popular destination, ideal for any kind of vacation. If you want to enjoy the sea, you will find small, large, tranquil or famous beaches. If you are looking for the wind, you will find it immensely powerful on the beaches of kite surf and windsurf, world-renowned. Do not forget to visit the small island of Antiparos, which is only 4.5 nm from Parikia, with which it is connected by ferry.