Tickets from Piraeus to Milos

Piraeus to Milos

Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, north of the Cretan Sea. The most impressive island of the Cyclades. It is said that its name derives from the word “vilos” which evolved to “apple” and meant “sheep”.

Most people in the world know one of the masterpieces of Milos, the famous statue of Venus of Milos, which although not located on the island (it is located in the Louvre Museum), has made Milos world-famous.

One of the most popular villages of Milos ,Klima is the most picturesque fishing village of Milos and is really worth-seeing. This very beautiful village is situated near Tripiti, on the side of the Gulf of Milos.

It is a wonderful island for holidays, with wonderful beaches and impressive monuments. It is the fifth largest island of the Cyclades, with a petal shape, famous for its beaches, each one different from the rest and beautiful colors due to the volcanic soil.