Symi is a tiny island of the Dodecanese complex, only 1hr ferry ride from Rhodes. Book your ferry tickets online at or via telephone at Sporades Shipping. What makes it special is its picturesque architecture and the relaxing ambience. The island’s main town offers a marvelous scenery; colorful houses constructed on the slopes of a hill with fantastic views to the sea. Lovely villages and beaches can be reached within walking distance from the port making the island ideal for hiking or cycling. An interesting place to visit in Simi is also the Monastery of Taxiarches, on the south part of the island, dedicated to be the protector Saint of the locals. Plan & Book your vacations to Symi online at or via phone at Sporades Shipping.

When it comes to food, the island offers great dining options. One can taste fresh fish and seafood as well as various traditional dishes with the company of ouzo or raki. On the other hand, when it comes to entertainment, Symi does not have a vibrant nightlife. It is a more laid back destination and visitors come here to admire the island’s unique character that remains unspoiled. A few bars are scattered along the main town of Symi and in the greater area around it. Definitely not boring but yet, not recommended if you are looking for a party destination!


By ferry: There are ferries from Piraeus to Symi 3 times a week but the trip is long, about 20 hours. Book your ferry tickets online at or via telephone at Sporades Shipping. The best way is to fly to Rhodes and then take the local ferry to Symi which is only one hour.

By plane: Regular domestic flights operate to Rhodes International Airport connecting the island with all major Greek airports as well as with other European airports.


  1. Monastery of Panormitis:The Monastery of Panormitis is the main religious centre on the island. It is dedicated to Archangel Michael and celebrates on November 8th. This male monastery receives many pilgrims every summer.
  2. Nimborio Beach:Nimborio is a small beach resort with narrow coastline and crystal clear waters. The vegetation surrounding the coast provides with some shade. Located at 3km from Symi Town.
  3. Pedi Beach:This is a popular beach because of its stunning views and wonderful surroundings, backed with tamarisk trees providing shade. Ideal for families. Located at 2km from Symi Town.


Tourists love the fact that many of them are off the beaten track and reachable only by (taxi) boat. Some of them are sandy, some of them are pebbly, some of them are situated on small islets around Symi (Agia Marina,Agios Emilianos, Nimos, Sesklia) but all of them are bathed by crystal clear water. Here are some names: Nos, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaos, Nanou, Marathounta, Faneromeni, Agios Vassilios, Nimporios, and Maroni.


Visit the neighboring island of Halki: Charter a private yacht and visit this tiny island of Dodecanese; Halki is a relaxing place for a day trip. Halki is a place to enjoy long walks and secluded beaches. The only town is Nimporio, a picturesque place that surrounds the main port of the island. The beach promenade of Nimporio is lined up with cafés and taverns, while a small bus departs for beaches around the island, mostly for Potamos beach. Holidays in Halki are ideal if you are looking for Greek islands off the beaten track.

Tip: The islands of the Dodecanese are very close to one another and are convenient for day trips!