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Santorini (Thira) (JTR)

Santorini (Thira), Cyclades
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Ferry to Santorini

Booking a ferry ticket to Santorini has always meant much more to the traveling public than buying a shuttle service to a tourist destination:

The satisfaction of his nature-loving instinct, as he faces the wild beauty of volcanic lava and the most famous sunset in the world.

His need to gain online impressions and create memories, immortalizing the above combination in the same photo click.

His desire to explore the place where luxury and elegance emphasize Cycladic architecture and energize the senses.

The fulfillment of his curiosity to understand why people from every corner of the globe easily locate the Santorini dot on the map.

Awareness of the high traffic of the island – especially during the summer months – often predisposes those interested in long queues for a ticket.

At Greektrip we facilitate your decisions by offering the opportunity to book your ferry tickets to Santorini electronically, quickly and on time.

With 41 years of experience in the field of ferry ticket issuance and collaborating with all shipping companies in the country, we consistently provide reliable solutions.

Through our company’s online booking system, you will find that it only takes a few clicks to get closer to Santorini.

Many argue that the trip to this island is something that everyone should do at least once in their life:

For the imposing view of the active volcano from the cosmopolitan hangout of Fira, as it enjoys its quality Santorini wine.
For the indescribable feeling that the sun sets in the blue of the Aegean when watching it from a balcony of the Caldera.
To fall in love again from the beginning with his other half as he walks with him in the picturesque alleys of Oia.
To redefine the meaning of “romanticism” while wandering the winding cobblestones of Imerovigli with the traditional Cycladic houses.
To swim on beaches that evoke something “metaphysical” and are in themselves an experience. (Kokkini Paralia, Mavri Paralia, Perissa etc.).

Secure easy ferry tickets to Santorini via the Greektrip online booking system. Enjoy the Cycladic dream with your eyes open.

Ferry tickets to Santorini

The Central Port of Athinios and the Port of Thira connect Santorini by ferry with mainland Greece, Crete and the rest of the Cyclades.

The distance between the port of departure-destination and the selected type of ship (speedboat or conventional) determine the cost and duration of the route.

During the summer season, ferry services to / from Santorini multiply spectacularly and the “races at the counter” for ferry tickets follow one another.

Get the ferry tickets that meet your needs through the online booking application of our company, unhindered, comfortable and safe.

Ferry tickets from Athens to Santorini

For those who wish to travel from Athens to Santorini, the ports that serve the connection are those of Piraeus, Rafina.

As the “Piraeus-Santorini” route serves a variety of ship types, the cost and duration of the ferry route vary.

The average duration of a speedboat trip is usually 5 hours, while with a conventional ferry it is estimated at around 9, based on the weather conditions.

Alternatively, the “Rafina-Thira” itineraries that increase in the summer months have an average duration of 4.5 hours (by speedboat or catamaran).

Ferry tickets to / from Santorini for other Cyclades

If a ferry ticket to Santorini filled your days with “light” think what it would be like if you discovered its neighboring islands.

Greektrip’s electronic ferry booking system is exactly what you need to give in to the temptation to maximize the Cyclades.

It takes just 40 minutes by speedboat for the route “Santorini-Folegandros” and about 2 hours of travel for “Santorini-Ios”.

And because on every island – even when this is Santorini – there is always an “eternal follower” of Mykonos, there is a solution:

The route “Santorini-Mykonos” takes place at least twice a day and the duration of the voyage is estimated at about 2.5 hours.

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Santorini (Thira), Cyclades
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